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PME Cell: Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Cell coordinates and monitors all the in-house, network, collaborative and external funded projects run in the institute. It helps in effective, timely and successful implementation and completion of the projects/ programmes, which in turn reflect in the growth and development of the institute. Indeed, the research to be pertinent to the needs of the farmers and society requires priority setting, monitoring and evaluation, and becomes a vital issue in management of research. The chairman of PME cell is Dr. S.K. Mahanta, Principal Scientist (Animal Nutrition).

Approved Projects:

Institute projects

  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201001XXXXX: Genetic improvement of pigeonpea for yield and yield attributing traits under Jharkhand conditions [Workers: Monu Kumar (PI), Kumar   Durgesh, Anima Mahato, Santosh Kumar, Preeti Singh, Dipak Kumar Gupta; Duration: 2020-2025]
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201002XXXXX: Genetic enhancement of maize for drought and soil acidity conditions [Workers: Santosh Kumar (PI), Anima Mahato, Preeti Singh, Ashok   Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Sinha; Duration: 2020-2025] 
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201003XXXXX: Genetic improvement for yield enhancement and resistance to abiotic stresses in mungbean and lentil [Workers: Anima Mahato (PI), Gyan   Prakash Mishra, Santosh Kumar, Preeti Singh, Dharmendra Singh, Monu Kumar, Dipak Kumar Gupta, Krishna Prakash; Duration: 2020-2025] 
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201004XXXXX: Genetic improvement of papaya for yield and quality enhancement [Workers: Vishal Nath (PI), Santosh Kumar, Krishna Prakash, Monu   Kumar, Ashok Kumar; Duration: 2021-2026] 
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201005XXXXX: Preparation of GIS based soil physico-chemical and biological map of ICAR-IARI, Jharkhand farm [Workers: Preeti Singh (PI), Manoj   Chaudhary, Dipak Kumar Gupta, Pankaj Kumar Sinha; Duration: 2020-2025] 
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201006XXXXX: Performance evaluation of milch bovines and goats under different feeding and management systems in Jharkhand [Workers: S.K. Mahanta   (PI), Shilpi Kerketta, Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Manoj Chaudhary; Duration: 2021-2026] 
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201007XXXXX: Improvement of wheat for quality and cropping system perspective (Workers: Priya Ranjan Kumar (PI), Monu Kumar, Anju Mahendru Singh,   Rajbir Yadav, K K Singh, Surya Prakash, Manoj Chaudhary, Asha Kumari, Ashok Kumar; Duration: 2020-2025] 
  • CRSCIARIJSIL20201008XXXXX: Genetic improvement of Parwal/Pointed Gourd for yield and quality enhancement [Workers: Krishna Prakash (PI), Vishal Nath, Santosh   Kumar, Anima Mahato, Sougata Bhattacharjee, Ashok Kumar, Ranjit Singh; Duration: 2021-2026]
  • CRSCIARIJSIL2022009XXXXX: Assessment and mapping of natural resources of IARI-Jharkhand [Workers: PI- Dipak Kumar Gupta, Co-PIs- Vishal Nath, Manoj Chaudhary, Preeti Singh, Krishna Prakash, Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Shilpi Kerketta; Duration: 2021-2026]
  • CRSCIARIJSIL2022010XXXXX: Development and evaluation of bio-inoculum for abiotic stress and nutrient management for acidic soil conditions of Jharkhand [Workers: PI- Himani Priya, Co-PIs- Manoj Chaudhary, Asha Kumari, Ranjit Singh; Duration: 2021-2026]
  • CRSCIARIJSIL2022011XXXXX: Identification of sustainable cropping systems under natural farming practices for medium land/upland of Jharkhand [Workers: PI- Dipak Kumar Gupta, Co-PIs- Vishal Nath, Anima Mahato, Krishna Prakash, Shilpi Kerketta, Manoj Chaudhary, HimaniPriya, Shanon N Sangma and Pankaj Kumar Sinha; Duration: 2022-2027]
  • CRSCIARIJSIL2022012XXXXX: Development of ICT based location specific animal advisory service to livestock farmers of Jharkhand [Workers: PI- Shilpi Kerketta, Co-PIs- S K Mahanta, Pankaj Kumar Sinha, B N Mandal, Subrata Manna; Duration: 2023-2027]

Externally Funded projects:

  • NABARD Funded: Sustainable intensification of pulses in rice fallow ecosystem for nutritional and livelihood security in Jharkhand [Workers: Vishal Nath (Coordinator), Anima Mahato (PI), Monu Kumar, Santosh Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Dipak Kumar Gupta, Krishna Prakash, Preeti Singh, Shilpi Kerketta; Duration: 2021-2023] 
  • NABARD Funded: Popularization of biofortified maize hybrids (QPM+Pro Vit. A enriched) for sustainable nutritional security and up-scaling of entrepreneurship to boost up farmer’s income in Jharkhand [Workers: Vishal Nath (Coordinator), Santosh Kumar (PI), Anima Mahato, Monu Kumar, Preeti Singh, Dipak Kumar Gupta, Pankaj Kumar   Sinha, Krishna Prakash, Shilpi Kerketta, Ashok Kumar, Firoz Hussain; Duration: 2021-2023] 
  • DACFW (MOA) Funded: Creation of Seed Infrastructure Facilities under SMSP for ICAR-IARI, Gauriakarma, barhi, Hazaribag, Jharkhand [Workers: Priya Ranjan Kumar (PI); Duration: 2021-2024]
  • AICMIP: All India Coordinated Maize Improvement programme, Voluntary Centre, IARI, Gauriakarma, Jharkhand [Workers: Santosh Kumar (PI)]

  • Plan India (an Indian NGO) Funded: Providing consultancy and technological backstopping for Balikashivir: Accelerated learning centre for adolescent girls in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand [Workers: Pankaj Kumar Sinha (PI) & Associates; Duration: 2023-2024]

Consultancy projects :

Seed projects :

Network Projects:

AICRP on maize (Voluntary centre). PI: Dr. Santosh Kumar

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